Best Places to live in Florida

If you’re searching for the best places to live in Florida, you’ve come to the right place! Having explored numerous regions across the state, I can provide insights into some of the top-rated locations.

Florida offers a wide range of options that cater to different lifestyles and preferences. While my personal favorites may differ, the following list is based on objective factors and extensive research to determine the best places to reside in Florida.

In compiling this list of the best places to live in Florida, I have carefully ranked cities using a variety of criteria. For each city, I have included pertinent statistics that provide valuable insights into their respective qualities and attributes.

  • Population
  • Median Age
  • Median Home Price
  • Median Income
  • Cost of Living
  • Unemployment Rate
  • City Walkability
  • Rainfall
  • Sunshine

15 Best Places to Live in Florida

15. Boca Raton

Median Age48.2 years
Median Home Price$613,849
Median Income$42,760
Cost of Living Index+28%
Unemployment Rate2.3%
City Walkability38/100
Rainfall244.6 days
Sunshine235 days

Kicking off our list of the Best places to live in Florida is the charming city of Boca Raton. If you envision an idyllic Florida city, it’s likely to closely resemble the picturesque scenery of Boca Raton. With its palm trees, stunning waterfront, and proximity to the ocean, it offers a quintessential Florida lifestyle.

Situated on the eastern coast of Florida in Palm Beach County, Boca Raton lies approximately 45 miles north of Fort Lauderdale and 50 miles south of West Palm Beach. The city boasts exquisite beaches, well-maintained parks, and renowned golf courses, along with a plethora of upscale shopping and dining options.

Boca Raton is also home to Florida Atlantic University, infusing the city with a youthful energy and contributing to its vibrant atmosphere. The city has experienced a significant influx of new residents over the past five years, contributing to the thriving community. However, it’s important to note that this growth has led to higher prices across the board, and the trend is expected to continue in the foreseeable future.

14. Gainesville

Median Age26.4 years
Median Home Price$300,000
Median Income$21,000
Cost of Living Index+2%
Unemployment Rate2.7%
City Walkability37/100
Rainfall113 days
Sunshine224 days

Among the top contenders for the best cities to live in Florida, Gainesville stands out as a youthful and affordable option. With an average resident age of just 26.4 years, this can be attributed largely to the presence of the University of Florida in Gainesville.

Gainesville offers an attainable dream of homeownership, as the median home price is $300,000, which is significantly lower—31% to be precise—than the national average of $428,700.

13. Fort Myers

Median Age40.9 years
Median Home Price$386,653
Median Income$26,266
Cost of Living Index-2.7%
Unemployment Rate2.9%
City Walkability35/100
Rainfall113 days
Sunshine224 days

Situated on the southwest coast of Florida, approximately 100 miles south of Tampa, Fort Myers emerges as an attractive city. Serving as the county seat of Lee County, it is renowned for its stunning beaches, favorable climate, and plentiful recreational options.

While some may consider Naples, located just 30 miles south, to be more desirable, Fort Myers offers a more budget-friendly alternative. When it comes to the best places to live in Florida, Fort Myers exudes a tranquil atmosphere with a suburban neighborhood ambiance, making it an appealing choice for those seeking a quieter lifestyle.

Fort Myers is home to several popular tourist attractions that cater to different interests. One such attraction is the Edison and Ford Winter Estates, which showcases the historical homes and laboratories of two iconic figures, Thomas Edison and Henry Ford. Another notable site is the Calusa Nature Center & Planetarium, where visitors can explore educational exhibits and enjoy captivating planetarium shows.

For those who enjoy outdoor activities and the wonders of nature, Fort Myers offers a range of options. Water sports enthusiasts can indulge in fishing, boating, and jet skiing, taking advantage of the city’s abundant waterways. Additionally, numerous parks and the J.N. “Ding” Darling National Wildlife Refuge provide opportunities to immerse oneself in the beauty of the natural world. The refuge, in particular, is a remarkable destination for wildlife enthusiasts, boasting a diverse ecosystem and captivating scenery.

12. Pensacola

Median Age36.8 years
Median Home Price$248,456
Median Income$30,954
Cost of Living Index-5%
Unemployment Rate2.3%
City Walkability36/100
Rainfall110 days
Sunshine228 days

Pensacola stands out as one of the friendliest cities on our list of the best places to live in Florida. It has a charming atmosphere where people often greet each other on the streets, fostering a strong sense of community (except for the busy tourist season).

The city of Pensacola offers a range of attractions and activities, with its beautiful beaches being a major highlight. The downtown area buzzes with life, boasting excellent dining options, entertainment venues, and even a beloved minor league baseball team called the Blue Wahoos. Local breweries add to the vibrant scene, catering to the tastes of millennials who are increasingly drawn to the area.

Pensacola also caters to nature enthusiasts, offering a variety of outdoor opportunities. Hiking trails wind through picturesque landscapes, and kayaking spots abound, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the region’s natural beauty. Wildlife thrives in Pensacola, with abundant sightings of deer, ospreys, herons, eagles, pelicans, bears, manta rays, dolphins, and more, providing ample opportunities for nature lovers to appreciate the local fauna.

11. Tallahassee

Median Age27.2 years
Median Home Price$274,825
Median Income$25,364
Cost of Living Index-4%
Unemployment Rate3%
City Walkability30/100
Rainfall103 days
Sunshine231 days

Tallahassee, situated in the panhandle of Florida, serves as the state capital. It is positioned approximately midway between Jacksonville and Pensacola.

For individuals seeking the best locations in Florida that cater to intellectuals, Tallahassee emerges as a promising option. This city boasts the highest level of education among its residents in the state, with over half of the population holding a bachelor’s degree or higher.

Tallahassee offers a vibrant arts and cultural scene, boasting an impressive array of 15 museums and 24 art galleries.

Furthermore, the presence of Florida State University and Florida A&M University contributes to a youthful atmosphere, with the city having a median age of 27.2 years.

10 Best Places to live in Florida

10. Cape Coral

Median Age47.8 years
Median Home Price$425,722
Median Income$30,454
Cost of Living Index+8%
Unemployment Rate3.5%
City Walkability17/100
Rainfall108 days
Sunshine300 days

Cape Coral, situated in Southwest Florida along the Gulf of Mexico, is a vibrant city with a population of approximately 180,000 residents. It is renowned for its intricate canal system, reminiscent of the charming waterways found in Venice. Owning a boat in Cape Coral is highly regarded, as it offers unparalleled access to the city’s most delightful areas. With over 400 miles of canals, residents can explore and enjoy the city from a unique perspective.

Compared to its neighboring city, Fort Myers, Cape Coral offers a more relaxed and unhurried lifestyle. It boasts a variety of excellent restaurants and beautiful parks, catering to residents seeking tranquility and natural beauty. However, the city lacks a bustling nightlife scene, making it ideal for those who prefer a quieter ambiance.

By owning a boat and navigating the extensive canal system, residents of Cape Coral can fully immerse themselves in the city’s charm and experience its most enjoyable aspects.

9. Melbourne

Median Age41.4 years
Median Home Price$400,000
Median Income$26,996
Cost of Living Index-7%
Unemployment Rate2.6%
City Walkability33/100
Rainfall103 days
Sunshine234 days

Melbourne, a city with a rich history dating back to Ponce de Leon’s discovery in 1513, holds a special appeal for many residents who believe it is one of the best cities to live in Florida.

For space enthusiasts, Melbourne offers an exceptional advantage as the renowned Kennedy Space Center is located less than an hour away. This proximity allows residents to immerse themselves in the excitement and wonders of space exploration.

As a small city, Melbourne exudes a distinct charm and laid-back atmosphere. It may not provide the same bustling energy as larger cities, making it an adjustment for those accustomed to the fast pace of urban life, such as New Yorkers. However, many individuals find the relaxed ambiance of a smaller city to be refreshing and welcoming.

Whether you are captivated by the city’s historical significance or attracted to its proximity to the Kennedy Space Center, Melbourne is certainly a city worth considering as one of the best places to live in Florida.

8. Orlando

Median Age33.9 years
Median Home Price$385,000
Median Income$30,264
Cost of Living Index+3%
Unemployment Rate2.7%
City Walkability41/100
Rainfall114 days
Sunshine236 days

Orlando, being the most renowned city on this list of the best places to live in Florida, often evokes strong emotions among people, as evidenced by the comments below. This city is synonymous with Disney World, a dream destination for children and adults alike, offering a multitude of entertainment options.

However, it’s important to note that many of these attractions can be expensive. Fortunately, Orlando residents receive substantial discounts on major attractions, making it an ideal place to live for theme park enthusiasts, whether in Florida or anywhere else in the world.

It may come as a surprise, but Orlando holds the title of the world’s most visited destination, with a staggering 75 million people making the journey in 2019, prior to the pandemic.

The downtown area of Orlando is vibrant and bustling, featuring a diverse range of restaurants, delightful coffee shops, and a plethora of activities. This lively atmosphere is complemented by the fact that the average age of residents in Orlando is under 34 years old.

Contrary to the state’s reputation, Orlando has earned recognition as one of the best places to live in Florida for the LGBTQ community, known for its inclusivity and welcoming environment.

In conclusion, with its abundance of attractions, a vibrant downtown scene, and a reputation for inclusiveness, Orlando remains a top choice for those seeking one of the best places to live in Florida.

7. St. Augustine

Median Age48 years
Median Home Price$479,253
Median Income$28,190
Cost of Living Index-1%
Unemployment Rate3.6%
City Walkability71/100
Rainfall116 days
Sunshine223 days

St. Augustine, despite being one of the smaller cities on our list of the best places to live in Florida, exudes a charming and appealing character. The downtown area of St. Augustine is particularly delightful, adorned with quaint shops and offering a pleasurable experience simply by strolling through its streets.

It is worth noting that St. Augustine has gained popularity among tourists, which can result in occasional crowding. Therefore, if you are considering a move to this town, it might be advisable to seek a residence outside the downtown area to minimize traffic and potential stress.

There is no shortage of activities in St. Augustine, including live music, vibrant bars, and picturesque scenery. The town’s small size lends itself to excellent walkability, allowing residents to easily navigate their surroundings. However, it is important to acknowledge that while St. Augustine may be a great place to visit, opinions about living here vary.

This list is open to feedback and responsive to comments, so if you currently reside in St. Augustine, we encourage you to share your thoughts and experiences.

6. Sarasota

Median Age48.9 years
Median Home Price$491,913
Median Income$30,272
Cost of Living Index+7%
Unemployment Rate2.4%
City Walkability52/100
Rainfall106 days
Sunshine251 days

Sarasota, one of the best cities to live in Florida, stands out for its higher median age, averaging just under 49 years old. Despite its older demographic, Sarasota offers a surprising array of activities, especially during the bustling “season.”

The city boasts an abundance of excellent restaurants and a lively downtown area that remains relatively free from overwhelming tourist crowds when compared to other popular destinations in Florida. Sarasota has a distinct atmosphere that feels less tourist-driven and more like a place where people truly live and work.

It is important to note that the Siesta area of Sarasota is a popular tourist hotspot, so if you are considering a move to the city, take this into account. Sarasota is particularly appealing for retirees and families, rather than singles in their twenties and thirties. While there are numerous activities available, it is worth mentioning that Sarasota tends to wind down relatively early, with many establishments closing around 10 pm.

In conclusion, Sarasota offers a vibrant lifestyle despite its higher median age, making it an ideal place to retire or raise a family. The city’s distinctive ambiance, coupled with a range of activities, contributes to its appeal as one of the best cities to live in Florida.

5 Best Places to Live in Florida

5. Naples

Median Age65.4 years
Median Home Price$629,232
Median Income$50,594
Cost of Living Index+11%
Unemployment Rate2.4%
City Walkability35/100
Rainfall118 days
Sunshine264 days

Naples, although known for its high cost of living, offers an exceptional quality of life that surpasses the Florida average. The city’s cost of living is 11% higher than the national average, and housing prices are notably steep, with a current median home price exceeding $600,000, making it one of the most expensive places to live in Florida.

However, if one can afford it, Naples provides a remarkable living experience. The city boasts a superior quality of life compared to the state average, offering residents numerous amenities and advantages.

It is important to consider that Naples has a predominantly older population, with an average age of 65 and above, making it a popular retirement haven. With this demographic comes occasional complaints of NIMBY (Not In My Backyard) attitudes, reminiscent of characters like Clint Eastwood in “Gran Torino.”

Commuting for work in Naples can be challenging due to significant traffic congestion, so it is important to take this into account when planning daily commutes.

Lastly, Naples is renowned for its breathtaking sunsets, which are considered some of the most beautiful in all of Florida. Residents may find themselves capturing countless photos of these stunning natural displays, so be prepared to have ample storage on your phone or camera.

In summary, while Naples may be an expensive place to live, it offers a remarkable quality of life and unforgettable sunsets, making it a highly sought-after destination for those who can afford it.

4. St. Petersburg

Median Age43.1 years
Median Home Price$376,495
Median Income$33,033
Cost of Living Index-2%
Unemployment Rate2.5%
City Walkability43/100
Rainfall102 days
Sunshine361 days

St. Petersburg, Florida, is often referred to as the “Sunshine City,” and it’s not a typo. This well-earned nickname is one of the reasons why St. Petersburg is considered one of the best places to live in Florida.

In St. Petersburg, there are only about four days per year when the sun doesn’t shine, providing residents with an abundance of sunny days to enjoy. The city’s beautiful weather is certainly a major advantage for those seeking a sunny and pleasant climate.

Another appealing aspect of St. Petersburg is its affordability, especially considering it is an urban waterfront area. Compared to many other similar locations in the United States, St. Petersburg still offers relatively affordable housing options. Additionally, the city provides excellent public waterfront access, allowing residents to enjoy the scenic beauty and recreational activities associated with living by the water.

While there have been concerns about a declining middle class in recent years, St. Petersburg has not yet reached the same level of unaffordability seen in many other parts of the country. The availability of affordable housing is still a possibility in St. Petersburg, making it an attractive option for individuals and families seeking a reasonable cost of living.

St. Petersburg is also known for its diverse population, attracting people from various parts of the country and the world. This multicultural environment makes it easier to form new friendships and connections, as the city is a melting pot of different backgrounds and perspectives.

In conclusion, St. Petersburg’s abundant sunshine, affordability compared to other urban waterfront areas, and its diverse and welcoming community contribute to its reputation as one of the best places to live in Florida.

3. Miami

Median Age40.1 years
Median Home Price$565,125
Median Income$23,425
Cost of Living Index+18%
Unemployment Rate1.5%
City Walkability77/100
Rainfall129 days
Sunshine249 days

Miami secures a spot in the top three best places to live in Florida, offering a range of remarkable advantages along with some significant drawbacks.

One of Miami’s standout pros is its vibrant arts and culture scene, influenced by the diverse mix of people who call the city home. The Latin food scene in Miami is unparalleled in the United States, and the city buzzes with energy, creating an exciting atmosphere.

The presence of the ocean brings a pleasant relief from the summer heat, setting Miami apart from many other cities in Florida. The winters in Miami are delightful, and the ocean breezes are frequently felt, enhancing the overall livability. Additionally, Miami is renowned for its walkability, making it one of the most pedestrian-friendly places in Florida.

However, it’s important to consider the cons of living in Miami. The city comes with a high cost of living, significantly surpassing the Florida average by 18%. With a median income of just $23,425, many residents struggle to make ends meet. Furthermore, the median home price exceeding $560,000 makes homeownership nearly unattainable for regular individuals.

While Miami offers remarkable cultural experiences and pleasant climate, its affordability poses a challenge, particularly for those with modest incomes. Despite the drawbacks, Miami remains an alluring destination for those seeking a vibrant and diverse urban lifestyle.

When considering the best places to live in Florida, it’s important to evaluate various factors that align with your lifestyle and priorities. While Miami is often hailed as an exciting and vibrant city, it may not necessarily be the best fit for everyone.

Florida offers a range of attractive cities and towns that cater to different preferences. For instance, if you prioritize a laid-back and family-friendly atmosphere, cities like Orlando, Tampa, or Sarasota might be more suitable options. These areas boast a thriving job market, ample recreational activities, and a lower cost of living compared to Miami.

Alternatively, if you seek a more serene and picturesque environment, coastal towns like Naples, St. Augustine, or Destin offer beautiful beaches, a slower pace of life, and a strong sense of community.

Ultimately, the “best” city in Florida for you depends on your individual circumstances and what you value most in a living environment. Researching and exploring different regions will help you make an informed decision and find the ideal place to call home in the Sunshine State.

2. Jacksonville

Median Age35.9 years
Median Home Price$431,2635
Median Income$30,958
Cost of Living Index-7%
Unemployment Rate2.7%
City Walkability26/100
Rainfall113 days
Sunshine221 days

Jacksonville is undeniably one of the top two best places to live in Florida, offering numerous advantages. The city boasts stunning neighborhoods that are among the finest in the state, showcasing their beauty and appeal.

Throughout Jacksonville, a wide range of excellent restaurants, breweries, and coffee shops cater to the discerning millennial population, ensuring there is always a plethora of dining and socializing options. The city never lacks in activities and entertainment for its residents.

Moreover, Jacksonville is blessed with an abundance of beautiful parks and convenient access to both the river and the ocean. This provides residents with ample opportunities to enjoy outdoor recreation and embrace the natural beauty of the area. Additionally, the city attracts a younger demographic, with an average age of around 36 years, contributing to its vibrant and dynamic atmosphere.

However, it is important to consider a few downsides. Public transportation in Jacksonville is not up to par, and relying on it can be challenging. Getting around the city often requires a 30-minute drive or the use of personal transportation. Additionally, like many other cities, crime rates have seen an increase in recent years, but this is a trend observed across various locations.

Despite these drawbacks, Jacksonville remains an outstanding choice for living in Florida, offering an appealing blend of beautiful neighborhoods, thriving dining scenes, abundant recreational opportunities, and a youthful atmosphere.

1. Tampa

Median Age35.9 years
Median Home Price$419,223
Median Income$30,675
Cost of Living Index-4%
Unemployment Rate2.6%
City Walkability50/100
Rainfall105 days
Sunshine246 days

Tampa is considered one of the best places to live in Florida, offering a multitude of appealing features. The city has a vibrant social scene, making it easy to form friendships and ensuring there is always something to do.

In recent years, Tampa has experienced a significant boom, attracting new residents and witnessing the emergence of exciting new restaurants and bars that have rejuvenated the already energetic city.

One of Tampa’s greatest assets is its delightful winters, which contribute to its position as a top choice for living in Florida. Additionally, the city boasts a rich history and a thriving cultural scene, surpassing many other locations in the state.

While downtown Tampa offers high walkability, areas outside the city center require driving to access amenities. A common complaint among residents is the considerable sprawl of the bay area, necessitating transportation for various activities.

As Tampa heavily relies on cars for transportation, traffic congestion can be a downside, particularly for those with commutes. However, despite this drawback, Tampa remains an attractive place to call home in Florida.

Best Places to Live in Florida FAQ

What are the best places to live in Florida for families?

If you are searching for the best place to live in Florida for families, here are six options worth considering:

  1. Parkland: Situated in the northern suburbs of Miami, Parkland is renowned for its excellent public schools, low crime rate, and numerous parks and recreational activities.
  2. Wellington: Located in Palm Beach County, Wellington is a village known for its top-rated schools, upscale neighborhoods, and a plethora of horse-related activities.
  3. Winter Springs: Positioned within the Orlando metropolitan area, Winter Springs offers a low crime rate, excellent schools, and ample parks and recreational opportunities for families.
  4. Cape Coral: Situated in southwest Florida, Cape Coral provides a low cost of living, good schools, and access to various recreational activities, including boating and fishing.
  5. Port St. Lucie: Port St. Lucie boasts a low cost of living, good schools, and plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities like fishing and golfing.
  6. Jacksonville: Offering a diverse cultural scene and a growing job market, Jacksonville provides access to a variety of recreational activities, including beaches. It also features good schools and a low crime rate.

These cities in Florida offer favorable conditions for families to thrive and enjoy a high quality of life.

What are the best neighborhoods to live in Florida?

Pinecrest: Situated in Miami-Dade County, Pinecrest is a neighborhood renowned for its luxurious residences, top-notch educational institutions, and picturesque streets lined with trees.

Maitland: As a suburb of Orlando, Maitland stands out for its exceptional schools, low crime rate, and plentiful parks and recreational opportunities. It offers a safe and family-friendly environment.

Gulfport: Located in close proximity to St. Petersburg, Gulfport captures attention with its vibrant and bohemian atmosphere, particularly in the realm of arts. Additionally, its advantageous position near the beach adds to its allure.

Winter Park: Another Orlando suburb, Winter Park is distinguished by its elegant homes, excellent schools, and an abundance of parks and recreational spaces. The community fosters a high standard of living while providing ample opportunities for outdoor activities.

What’s the Most Cheapest Places to Live in Florida?

If you’re searching for affordable places to live in Florida, consider the following options:

  1. Leesburg: This small city in Central Florida boasts a historic downtown area and convenient access to outdoor recreational activities.
  2. Palatka: Located along the St. Johns River, Palatka is a charming historic city known for its delightful downtown and picturesque parks.
  3. Ocala: Known for its horse farms and outdoor pursuits like hiking and fishing, Ocala is a North Central Florida city with a reasonable cost of living.
  4. Gainesville: As a vibrant college town housing the University of Florida, Gainesville offers an active arts and cultural scene alongside affordable living options.
  5. Lake City: This North Florida city is recognized for its historic downtown and opportunities for outdoor recreation.
  6. Deltona: Situated in Central Florida, Deltona stands out for its relatively low housing costs and convenient proximity to beaches and recreational activities.
  7. Titusville: Positioned on the east coast of Florida, Titusville is notable for its access to the Kennedy Space Center and the scenic Canaveral National Seashore.
  8. Homosassa Springs: A small town on the Gulf coast, Homosassa Springs is renowned for its natural springs and wildlife parks.
  9. Winter Haven: This Central Florida city boasts a chain of lakes and a thriving citrus industry, offering an affordable place to call home.
  10. Bradenton: Located on the Gulf coast, Bradenton offers beautiful beaches, cultural attractions, and ample opportunities for outdoor recreation.
  11. Port Orange: Found on the Atlantic coast, Port Orange stands out for its relatively low housing costs, scenic parks, and nearby beaches.
  12. Lakeland: With a historic downtown and abundant outdoor recreational opportunities, Lakeland in Central Florida is an attractive and affordable place to live.
  13. St. Cloud: Recognized for its historic downtown, affordable housing options, and close proximity to major attractions, St. Cloud is an appealing choice.
  14. Kissimmee: Positioned in Central Florida, Kissimmee is known for its convenient access to theme parks, lakes, and natural parks.
  15. North Port: Located in Southwest Florida, North Port offers affordable housing options and easy access to beaches and recreational activities.
  16. DeLand: This small Central Florida city features a historic downtown area, a vibrant cultural scene, and proximity to beaches.
  17. New Smyrna Beach: Situated along the East Florida coast, New Smyrna Beach is a coastal city that offers beautiful beaches and opportunities for boating and fishing.

What are the best places to live in Florida for retirees?

Florida is renowned as a top state for retirement, offering numerous great options for retirees. Here are some notable places to consider:

  1. The Villages: As a master-planned retirement community, The Villages provides retirees with an array of amenities, including golf courses, shopping centers, and various recreational activities.
  2. Naples: Known for its stunning beaches and luxurious lifestyle, Naples offers retirees a wide range of dining and shopping options, along with access to excellent medical facilities.
  3. Sarasota: With a mix of culture, recreation, and natural beauty, Sarasota entices retirees with its vibrant downtown area and proximity to several beautiful beaches.
  4. Port St. Lucie: Providing a lower cost of living, Port St. Lucie presents retirees with ample opportunities for outdoor activities such as fishing and golfing, making it an attractive choice.
  5. Fort Myers: Fort Myers offers retirees access to a diverse range of recreational activities, including boating and fishing, as well as cultural attractions like the Barbara Mann Performing Arts Hall.
  6. Bradenton: Boasting a variety of recreational activities, such as boating and fishing, Bradenton also showcases cultural attractions like the Village of the Arts and the South Florida Museum, making it a compelling option for retirees.
  7. These are just a few of the exceptional places to retire in Florida, each with its own unique features and advantages for retirees seeking an enjoyable and fulfilling retirement lifestyle.

What are the best places to live in Florida for young adults?

Florida offers several great places for young people to live, despite its reputation as a retirement destination. Here are some of the top choices:

  1. Miami: Renowned for its vibrant nightlife and diverse cultural scene, Miami provides young adults with abundant entertainment options. The city also boasts a variety of job opportunities across different industries.
  2. Orlando: With major theme parks and attractions, Orlando is a popular destination for young adults. It offers a range of job opportunities and a thriving downtown area.
  3. Tampa: Known for its access to recreational activities, including beaches and outdoor parks, Tampa provides a growing job market and an exciting nightlife scene for young adults.
  4. Gainesville: Home to the University of Florida, Gainesville offers a lively college town atmosphere with numerous cultural and recreational activities. The city provides job opportunities, particularly in the tech and healthcare sectors.
  5. Jacksonville: Jacksonville provides young adults with access to various recreational activities, including beaches. It features a growing job market and a diverse cultural scene.
  6. Tallahassee: Home to Florida State University and Florida A&M University, Tallahassee offers a vibrant college town environment. It provides a range of cultural and recreational activities, along with job opportunities in the government and healthcare industries.

These cities in Florida offer young people an array of opportunities and experiences, making them desirable places to live and thrive.

Summary of the Best Places to Live in Florida (List)

  1. Tampa
  2. Jacksonville
  3. Miami
  4. St. Petersburg
  5. Naples
  6. Orlando
  7. St Augustine
  8. Sarasota
  9. Melbourne
  10. Cape Coral
  11. Tallahassee
  12. Pensacola
  13. Fort Myers
  14. Gainesville
  15. Boca Raton