Best Places to live in Florida

10 Best places to live in Florida in 2022

So starting talking about one of the most beautiful places in the United States of America, you must have heard of it a lot of times whether you live in the States at present or not. Since everybody of us know that Washington is known as the capital of the world but whether you are of some town or country or nation, Florida has always been a place full of skies filled with the colors of nature, serenity, peace and an awe-some weather. Florida has been one of the most beautiful states in the South-eastern coast of the United States.

Further, telling you all about the living culture of Florida, people enjoy living as a part of this state. There are so many benefits of living at this place, the majority of which are only concerned with the natural beauty of this place plus the diverse culture which makes it the finest and safest place to live. there are many best places to live in Florida itself.

The state is surrounded by the sandy and world-class beaches on its east, west and northern shores, that it becomes the perfect place to live for the beach-lovers. The weather conditions in Florida are also consistent with the people’s choices. The place welcomes you with its lush green views, beaches namely, Daytona beach, palm beach, theme parks, wonderlands, diving sites with plenty of marine life that will make you Awestruck. 

The best places to live in Florida will make your mind go crazy and will scream to visit such a spot to have mesmerizing memories of this place, even if you are planning to have a solo trip to Florida.


There are a hundreds of reasons why people enjoy living in Florida. As I have already told you some things regarding the natural beauty of the state but in addition to that, the place also provides world-class economy, lavish lifestyle, a number of workplaces to secure your future and many more. 

In this article, I am going to make you explore various fine places to live in Florida, that you would love to visit and your heart would be filled with joy and satisfaction. Florida is one of the highest demanding states of the United States and moreover it is called the “Sunshine State”. the name itself attracts the newcomers so much. It is an interesting state known for its plenty of romantic hotspots and ravishing beaches.

Here I am disclosing the 5 best reasons to live in Florida:

The prime reason is the weather.

Florida provides you the mild weather with coolest sunshine for around 20 weeks of the year. The costal areas and beaches provide you with the natural tan and a beautiful sunshine that you would not be sick of.

Secondly, The place offers you with no tax policy and this is the biggest advantage that the natives get. We see people often tired off paying extra revenues but Florida provides you with no such demand.

Talking about the game culture of Florida, It has its own football, hockey and soccer teams. So gaming is another advantage for those who love to play and have interest in representing their state.

Florida provides you with The best budget vacations even for the solo wanderers. You would get everything you wish for. Gorgeous theme parks, attractive natural springs, blooming gardens and parks, fresh and clear air are some of the facts about the natural beauty of Florida that it takes your breath away.

Florida is one of the most growing state As it offers with the breathtaking beaches like, Sarasota’s Siesta Public Beach, Pensacola Beach, Gray ton Beach etc. The cost of living in Florida is according to the person’s expenditure. The home price differs according to degrees of urbanization at various places in Florida.


Here talking about the best places in Florida in 2022!

The Sunshine State is a mixture of various cultures, people, metropolitan cities, costal areas, lakes and beaches, educational institutions and workplaces, that attract people to live in here.

As to live at some place for a long time and to call it your ‘home-place’ , the decision must be taken carefully and considering each and every aspect of the particular place.

Therefore, here I am going to comprise each and every place with its quality of life, average and median home price, cost of living, golf courses, average home value and the most important of all the safety and crime rate of a particular place in the Sunshine State. 

Here enclosing the best places to live in Florida;


Population: 373,875

Median Home Price: $345,000

Cost of living: 111.9

Safer place rating: 7/10

Job Market: 8/10

Education: 7/10

Tampa is the best place to live in Florida as it is situated on the Gulf Coast of the United States. It is the biggest city on the Tampa Bay and in the Hillsborough County. It has a greater number in population after Jacksonville and Miami. Tampa city has the metro area of 2,552 square mi and the city ranks 52nd in the United States on the basis of its population. Tampa and Miami provides good living culture in the state.

It has a primary airport named, Tampa International Airport and some secondary airports such as Sarasota- Bradenton International Airport, Lakeland Linder International Airport etc. Tampa Bay is the largest port in the state and most of its economy is added by health care, tourism, insurance, technology and construction etc.

The climate in this small town shows many tropical changes, exhibiting hot and humid summers in its majority and dry and milder winters in its comparison. The state has acquired the finest architecture in the form of newly renovated Tampa Museum and the Tampa Theater. It is considered as one of the best places to live as the economy of this place is markedly enhanced by the finance, retail, healthcare, shipping by air and sea, professional sports and real estate. 

The healthcare is the most affordable one here in Tampa plus the individuals get renewal on time to time on health insurances. It has many public schools operated by Hillsborough County Public Schools that offer around 75% of graduates every years. The gorgeous beaches are always the wonder at Tampa that provides you with calmness and a peaceful mind. 

The young professionals can benefit from working in various industries around the gulf coast in Tampa that offer high pay scale and an average salary of around $47,980. Tampa Bay Area is known as the “The Cigar Capital of the World” and is the wonderful place to live. 


Population: 6,090,770

Median home price: $247,112

Affordability: 6/10

Safer area rating: 6/10

Job Market: 5/10

For young adults, Miami is one of the best places to live in the Sunshine state. The city also provides a lush green views with the awesome and gorgeous beaches and contributes and average share in the economic success of the state. It is located close to the Latin America and the Caribbean in the Miami-Dade county and also offers good trading, banking and job opportunities to the young professionals. 

Miami itself can not be considered as one of the best places to live in Florida but the adjoining suburbs like Key Biscayne, Coral Gables etc. are considered as the best parts in the state to live. Miami is the “Magic city” with best prices at real estate. Miami offers a good home price but the city is not considered as safer than the other ones due to its population in bulk. The crime rate can also be considered a little higher at this place as compared to Tampa and Jacksonville. 

The beach culture is awesome everywhere in Miami with the good climatic conditions but a little humidity in the air which cause various healthcare conditions for the people. Miami itself provides with the good job opportunities to the one who has exciting workplace skills with good aptitude plus a number of good quality private schools. 

Miami is the best place to live in South Florida which offers hidden gems in and around Miami where you can get peace from a daily busy city life. The average number of people that visit Miami the year round mostly during the weekends is just for the antique places that provide a world with serenity and in major terms, the inside peace in this small town.


Population: 371,453

Average salary: $47,980

Median home price: $345,000

Cost of living: 111.9

Safety: 8/10

Job Market: 7/10

Education: 6/10

Naples has been offered the opportunity for being called the prettiest city in Florida which is located in Keewaydin Island and is at 2 hours distance from Miami and Tampa. Collier County is the home to Naples, which is located along the Gulf Of Mexico and edge of the Everglades. The city offers flawless romantic weather along with the consummate beach areas which bring the city to its edge of perfection.

The city is best in providing a safe and secure environment to its residents and as it is a part of Collier county , Naples is famous for its high-end shopping, rich culture and arts and sophisticated dining at restaurants for families, couples and everyone out there. A few kilometers away from Naples, you will find lush green park areas and wildlife refugees. 

For shopping in the city, one can explore the historic downtown area that comprise of chic clothing and home Decor shops etc. For family and children’s fun activities, Naples has a variety of Zoo and gardens and parks enriched with flora and fauna. The annual crime rate of the city is also less and it is one of the safer cities to reside in Florida. There are various smaller parks like Clam Pass Park, Barefoot Beach and Delnor Pass State Park. 

For better opportunities there are schools with museums and galleries that offers high grade educations to its young people. The residents are also provided with major healthcare facilities, nearby airports for safe and easy travel. In whole, Florida consist of cities that provide affordability in home prices.


Population: 803,709

Average salary: $40,040

Median home price: $387,653

Cost of living: 111.9

Job Market: 7/10

Sarasota also lies in the Sarasota county along the Gulf Of Mexico which is 2 hours from Orlando and has its own beach environment and psychedelic culture. The vibrant arts and exciting society provides a means of good time to its residents as well as for the tourists. Situated in the North Port, Florida, Sarasota provides new homes and Condos in Esplanade and also hosts a variety of cultural institutes, old showcases and modern art too.

Sarasota is the metro area which is known for its world famous Sarasota School of Architecture. It has a tropical climatic conditions with distinct dry and rainy seasons. It has many museums and theaters like Sarasota Ballet, Sarasota Opera and Florida Studio Theater etc. It is located with the Sarasota Bay and the Gulf of Mexico.

The city has less safer environment but it is only known for its art and culture and other extra curricular activities. The education is also up to the mark that provides its major education in music via Sarasota Orchestra, which too holds a 3-week Sarasota music festival. The residents here enjoy various festivities the year round along with eating at the finest family restaurants.

It has been surrounded by various cities and also it harbors many Zoos, botanical gardens and sanctuaries. Sarasota County Public Schools provide good play areas plus there are various elementary schools in the town.

It ranks 5th among the safest places to live in Florida and is the perfect place for the singles to sit on the bank of the Sarasota beach.


Population: 1,503,574

Average salary: $48,720

Median Home Price: $303,789

Affordability: 8/10

Safety: 5/10

Jacksonville is famous for its museums full of contemplating art and theaters like Florida theater and Ritz theater etc. The city is located on the Atlantic coast of Florida in the Duval county and it ranks as Florida’s fourth-largest metro area. On the basis of Jacksonville’s land area of 747.30 square mi, it is one of the biggest cities of the United States. With a huge population, it ranks 1st in Florida.

Jacksonville, without any doubt, has been categorized under the best cities to live in Florida. It holds various feats and cultural fests on annual basis since March 1977, in addition to this, it hosts 15 kilometers ROAD RACE CHAMPIONSHIP which is participated by maximum number of individuals and is considered as the largest race in the country.

Jacksonville offers the inhabitants with various shopping centers, namely, the Regency Square Mall (the oldest one in the town) and one that is located in the metro area, named The Orange Park Mall. The schools are administered by Duval County School Board which comprise of various elementary, middle and high schools. The education is better enough to produce a generation of young professionals.

The annual home value is quite affordable for the people plus the low crime rate is a boon everywhere around the States but the city is considered as much safe as the other areas due to its greater size of population.


Population: 737,468

Average salary: $45,300

Median home price: $277,900

Affordability: 6/10

Safety: 4/10

Job market: 7/10

Education: 6/10

Fort Myers is known as the SHELLING MECCA as it is so famous for its beaches and isles. The most interesting fact about living in Fort Myers is its shoreline plateaus where you can get a collection of the natural sea shells that look so beautiful and mesmerizing that is is going to stay in your hearts forever. It is also located on the Lee County, Gulf Of Mexico and is a rich area with nearly $103,000 in capital gains per resident.

Fort Myers is world famous for its shell-covered beaches along with pretty sky facing restaurants in the city that offers the families with rich marine and costal food. Due to its low crime crime and best scenic beauty, it is the most beautiful and affordable city to opt for living in Florida. Fort Myers is around 142 miles away from the Disney world.

Fort Myers offers low taxes to pay for its residents and also a plenty of entertainment options. The museums, art schools and galleries are rich in the county’s heritage and culture. The place is an interesting one for the children because of its proximity to the Disney world.

There are a number of golf courses that provide with safer playing and the growing interest for golf among the younger generations as well as for the older ones. Fort Myers is centrally located and has a walkable downtown area. There are some of the safer places to live in Fort Myers like Bonita Springs, Cape Coral, Coral gables, San Carlos Park etc. It is around 155 miles from Orlando and around 133 miles from Tampa.


Population: 488,246

Average salary: $43,920

Median home price: $200,800

Affordability: 6/10

Safety: 5/10

Education: 6/10

Pensacola is the only incorporated city of Escambia County, Florida, US. It is not the densely populated country any how the residents keep on moving in and out of Pensacola at some intervals of the year. The city is called ‘THE CITY OF FIVE FLAGS’ as the flags of Spanish, French, British, Confederate and America are present all around the city.

Pensacola has recently been ranked in the top ten best places to live in Florida because of its affordable house rates, low crime rates and good annual income for its residents. The city is worth visiting for its flora and fauna, gorgeous beach areas. The average number of people that visit this area is just because of its calmness in white sand beaches and rich historical past.

Healthcare and average employment market is high rated all around Florida. This city of five flags is most visited by the people due to its water facing houses and shopping halls. The metro area is centrally located that is easily accessible by the natives.


Population: 204,549

Average salary: $58,084

Median Home price: $344,080

Affordability: 7/10

Safety: 8.5/10

Job Market: 7/10

Education: 5/10

Cape Coral is the largest city between Tampa and Miami, located in Lee County, Southwest of Florida known for its various canals. It is a safe place to live in Florida and has been awarded with A+ rating in overall annual crime rate in the city. The major part of Cape Coral is in waterfront of wonderland and has more miles of canals.

The area is in vicinity to the beautiful beach areas and Atlantic ocean so that if you are looking for a relaxing break, the beach here is the best place to consider. The city has relatively low cost of living and offers more than anything but the job opportunities with high average individualized income.

The place in all offers with the affordable metro area and Hyde park. The place is truly famous for its love and legendary culture that most of the celebrities like NBA star Larry Bid, Rocker Bob Segar and many more chose living at this place. The area is perfect for boating and fishing as the favorite pass-time for some.

Cape Coral is not only the wonderful place to live in Florida but also has Atlantic ocean facing sceneries that make it the best place for tourism also. It is around 651 miles away from Fort Lauderdale.


Population: 2,508,970

Average salary: $46,140

Median home price: $338,974

Affordability: 7/10

Safety: 5/10

Job Market: 8/10

Education: 8/10

Orlando is known as the Orange County and is also one of the best places to live in Florida with its canopied trees, nature and lakefront buildings and big private and public schools. The residents, mainly the couples enjoy living in Orlando because of its ravishing beach areas, restaurants and it is one of the best cities for chilling and fun. The families show a great sense of togetherness in the community and therefore this place is considered as the best place showing richness of culture, art and heritage.

Orlando is best known for Disney Land along with other parks such as the Magic Kingdom and Epcot. The city has good income for the new comers and surprisingly low cost of living for the people. Orlando is a major metro area with amazing beaches just a few miles away from its center. 

Orlando is undoubtedly a favorite family destination mostly for the children because of its theme park areas, a number of hotels and thrilling water sports activities. To live happily in Orlando one needs an average annual income of around $105,300.


Population: 646,288

Average salary: $40,930

Median home price: $278,897

Safety: 6/10

Job Market: 7/10

Education: 6/10

Daytona Beach is located on the Volusia County and is well known for its hard packed sand and international speedways. The area is well known for its night-life and you are going to find here the most lively beaches with white sand and motor enthusiasts riding on the beach shorelines.

The city has the perfect and easy access to great communities like Port Orange, Ormond beach etc. The city is 242 miles away from the another famous city in Florida, Fort Lauderdale located on the Broward county. The travel time to Fort Lauderdale is around 4 hours from Daytona Beach that you can go by car easily for a perfect weekend.