Best Places To Live In The London

Are you contemplating a move to London and wondering about the best places to live? London is an expansive city with a wide range of neighborhoods, and finding the right area to call home is crucial. Many individuals end up residing in neighborhoods that don’t meet their expectations, whether it’s due to proximity to high-crime areas or being far from essential amenities like schools and hospitals.

However, there’s no need to worry! In this article, we will explore some of the top areas to live in London based on various needs and preferences. By considering factors like safety, access to schools and healthcare facilities, transportation options, recreational opportunities, and nearby amenities, you can make a well-informed decision to find your ideal place in this vibrant and diverse city.

Best places in London for young professionals

London has become a highly attractive destination for young professionals, despite its relatively high cost of living. The capital city offers numerous advantages that make it a compelling choice for this demographic.

In this article, we will present some of the most desirable areas in London that young professionals are flocking to. These sought-after neighborhoods cater to the specific needs and preferences of young individuals looking to build their careers and enjoy the vibrant lifestyle the city has to offer.


Brixton, situated in the Borough of Lambeth in south London, is a vibrant and diverse neighborhood that offers an exciting living experience. This multicultural area provides residents with an array of entertainment options, making it a great place to call home and socialize with friends.

One of the highlights of Brixton is its thriving food scene, featuring numerous food markets and local bars, where residents can enjoy a wide variety of culinary delights. Additionally, the neighborhood boasts excellent accessibility to public transportation, with Brixton station serving as a convenient stop on the Northern Line tube, making it easy for residents to travel around the city. With its lively atmosphere and accessible amenities, Brixton proves to be a popular choice for those seeking a dynamic and enjoyable living environment.


Hampstead is a delightful district located in the northern part of London, and it offers an ideal living environment for professionals. The area boasts excellent proximity to various public transport options, such as the tube, buses, and overground services, making it highly accessible and convenient for residents to commute and explore the city. With its favorable location and easy access to transportation links, Hampstead proves to be a sought-after choice for professionals seeking a well-connected and comfortable place to reside.

3.Notting Hill

Notting Hill, renowned as the backdrop for the popular film ‘Notting Hill,’ has become a trendy and highly desirable area among young professionals. This vibrant neighborhood is home to numerous live comedy clubs and theaters, offering residents a lively and engaging entertainment scene.

Notting Hill is a unique blend of London’s sophisticated west end charm and a bohemian atmosphere, making it a captivating and diverse place to live. Throughout the neighborhood, one can find bustling markets, trendy restaurants, and cozy coffee shops that add to the area’s appeal and cater to various tastes and preferences. With its lively cultural scene and an array of dining and socializing options, Notting Hill stands out as an exciting choice for young professionals seeking a vibrant and dynamic living experience.


Clapham, a dynamic and youthful district in the capital, offers a bustling and vibrant atmosphere. The main street and its surrounding areas are teeming with a diverse array of businesses, restaurants, and cafés, making it a popular hub for socializing and leisure activities. Clapham High Street, in particular, draws shoppers from various places, owing to the wide range of enticing shops and establishments located there.

In recent times, Clapham has undergone significant regeneration, which has contributed to an increased demand for properties in the area. Among those seeking homes, new professionals find Clapham especially appealing due to its lively ambiance and the various opportunities it offers. This blend of a lively social scene and ongoing development makes Clapham a highly valued location, attracting individuals eager to experience the energetic lifestyle and enjoy the benefits of its transformation.


Shoreditch has emerged as a favored residential destination due to the ongoing construction of numerous new flats in the area. The influx of modern housing options has made it increasingly popular among those seeking a place to live in London.

Apart from its growing appeal as a residential area, Shoreditch is also renowned for the iconic Brick Lane market. This vibrant market offers a delightful experience with a wide variety of food stalls, selling both exotic and traditional dishes. The diverse culinary offerings make Brick Lane market a must-visit destination for food enthusiasts and a vibrant hub for locals and visitors alike.


Hoxton is a charming neighborhood situated within Shoreditch, approximately five kilometers north of the City of London’s financial center. This area boasts a number of parks, such as Shoreditch Park, Hackney Downs, and Hoxton Square, providing residents with ample green spaces to enjoy. Additionally, the picturesque Regent’s Canal runs through the neighborhood, adding to the area’s appeal and offering a pleasant setting for leisurely strolls and relaxation.

7.Camden Town

Camden Town, known as the most vibrant neighborhood in north London, is a haven for music enthusiasts with its wide array of music venues that stay open well into the early hours of the morning. Besides its lively music scene, Camden Town is also home to prestigious educational institutions, including the renowned University College London (UCL) and the nearby Imperial College. Both of these universities are recognized for their commitment to innovation and academic excellence, further contributing to the area’s dynamic and intellectual atmosphere.


Shoreditch has become a sought-after residential destination due to the ongoing construction of numerous new flats, attracting many individuals looking for a place to call home. This vibrant area also boasts the renowned Brick Lane market, where a delightful array of street food stalls offer both exotic and traditional dishes to tantalize your taste buds.

Moreover, Shoreditch is a hub for live music enthusiasts, with numerous music venues scattered throughout the neighborhood. When you wish to take a break from the musical excitement, you can explore the abundance of restaurants and cafés that offer a diverse culinary experience, providing a perfect escape from the bustling noise. With its lively atmosphere and diverse entertainment options, Shoreditch proves to be an exciting and popular choice for residents seeking a dynamic and enjoyable living experience.


This central London neighborhood is home to several live music venues, as well as a variety of bars and restaurants, creating a vibrant and lively atmosphere. Its close proximity to Hyde Park offers residents stunning views of the city skyline, providing a picturesque backdrop to the area.

For fashion enthusiasts among the professionals, there is an array of clothes shops available, catering to various tastes and styles. With its lively entertainment scene, culinary delights, and excellent shopping options, this neighborhood offers a well-rounded and enjoyable living experience for its residents.

10.Wembley Park

Located in the northwest part of London, Wembley Park boasts excellent connectivity to the city center, making it a surprisingly well-linked area. While Wembley itself offers a tranquil and residential environment, it is conveniently close to fantastic living options, particularly suitable for young professionals.

The neighborhood provides plenty of entertainment for residents, with nearby live music venues catering to various tastes. Additionally, there is a diverse selection of restaurants and cafés, making it the perfect place to unwind and socialize with friends or colleagues after a day’s work. With its great location, accessible amenities, and vibrant atmosphere, Wembley Park offers an attractive and enjoyable living experience for young professionals.


Nestled on the north bank of the Thames, between Hammersmith and Kensington, lies a charming small residential area exuding a village-like ambiance. Situated close to Chelsea, Putney, and Battersea on the opposite side of the river, this location offers short commutes to both the City and London’s west end green spaces. Residents can enjoy easy access to an outstanding variety of restaurants and bars, adding to the area’s allure.

Transport links are excellent, with the presence of tube, Overground, National Rail, and bus services, ensuring convenient connectivity to various parts of the city. With its picturesque setting, access to amenities, and efficient transport options, this residential gem provides a delightful living experience for its residents.


Situated in East London, Stratford International is highly accessible and conveniently located near St Pancras station. The travel between the two stations takes a mere 7 minutes, making it a swift and efficient commute.

In recent times, the area has undergone significant regeneration, transforming it into a thriving and youthful community. Residents of Stratford International can enjoy a vibrant and lively atmosphere with plenty of entertainment options available in close proximity.

The neighborhood attracts a diverse mix of residents, including professionals and young families, creating a dynamic and energetic ambiance. With its accessible transportation links and rejuvenated surroundings, Stratford International offers a delightful living experience for those seeking a lively and well-connected community.

Best places in London for families

If you’re planning to move to London with a young family, there are several important factors to consider beyond just the size and busyness of the city. While living in the city center can be appealing, it may not always be the most suitable option for families.

In this article, we will explore some of the best places to live in London for young families who have recently relocated from other parts of the UK or abroad. These areas will take into account factors such as safety, access to good schools, family-friendly amenities, recreational spaces, and a sense of community to ensure a comfortable and nurturing environment for your family.


Richmond is an exceptional location, especially for families with young children. The area offers an abundance of green spaces, leafy suburbs, and a charming village-like atmosphere, providing a perfect setting for raising children. Moreover, the breathtaking views of the Thames and the surrounding area add to the appeal of this place.

Richmond seamlessly combines the best of both suburban town and country living, offering a unique and desirable lifestyle. Notably, it ranks among the top three London boroughs for its low crime rates, ensuring a safe and secure environment for residents. Families can enjoy the tranquility and beauty of Richmond while still having easy access to urban amenities, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a family-friendly and peaceful place to call home.


Chiswick is a conveniently located neighborhood within walking distance from Turnham Green tube station, situated just outside zone two of London. This excellent connectivity ensures easy access to London’s bustling transport system, with direct access to the District Line, one of the city’s busiest tube lines.

Being an averagely expensive place to live in London, Chiswick attracts residents with higher-than-average salaries, often reflecting the area’s prosperous and thriving community.

For families seeking a balance of green spaces and good transport links to central and north London, Chiswick High Road presents an ideal choice. With its proximity to the tube station and access to various transportation options, this neighborhood offers a convenient and well-connected living experience. Additionally, the presence of green spaces enhances the overall appeal of Chiswick, making it an excellent choice for families looking for a pleasant and family-friendly environment in London.

3.Crystal Palace Park

Crystal Palace, situated in the London Borough of Bromley, boasts a below-average crime rate, making it a safe and secure area. The neighborhood’s charm lies in the abundance of green spaces surrounding Crystal Palace Park, creating an ideal environment for families and young children to relish.

With its ample green areas, including the park itself, Crystal Palace offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities and recreation. Families can enjoy the serene and pleasant surroundings, providing a delightful setting for leisure and play.

Furthermore, Crystal Palace benefits from excellent transport links, providing easy access to central and north London. This accessibility makes it an attractive choice for professionals working in the city center, as it offers a perfect balance between green spaces and convenience to reach various parts of the city. Whether you are seeking a family-friendly neighborhood or a well-connected area for work, Crystal Palace presents an appealing and well-rounded option.


Bexley, situated in southwest London, is renowned for its safety, making it an excellent choice for young families. The neighborhood boasts proximity to green spaces along the River Thames, offering ample opportunities for outdoor activities and relaxation.

For leisure and fitness enthusiasts, Bexley offers the popular Crook Log leisure centre, featuring a 25-meter pool, sauna, gym, and various outside sports pitches.

Despite its fantastic transport links to all parts of the city, Bexley remains a cost-effective place to live in London. The quiet and peaceful roads add to the appeal, creating a serene and safe environment, perfect for young families seeking a secure place to call home.

With its blend of safety, green spaces, and convenient amenities, Bexley provides everything a young family could need for a comfortable and enjoyable living experience in London.


Greenwich offers an ideal environment for young families, encompassing various essential aspects. The neighborhood boasts stunning parks, providing ample opportunities for outdoor activities and recreation. Additionally, the area benefits from excellent transport links, ensuring convenient access to different parts of the city. Moreover, Greenwich is known for its exceptional schools, with over twenty highly-rated primary schools in the vicinity, as per Ofsted evaluations.

While Greenwich provides an amazing living experience, it is important to note that it is one of the more expensive places to reside in London. The higher cost of living is often indicative of the area’s prosperity, attracting residents with well-paying jobs and thriving careers.

For those seeking a blend of beautiful parks, green spaces, and excellent transport connections to central London, Greenwich presents an appealing choice for families. Its combination of amenities and attractions make it an ideal place to create a comfortable and fulfilling lifestyle for you and your loved ones.


Teddington, a serene and green suburb in the Borough of Richmond upon Thames, holds great appeal for young families seeking a peaceful residential area.

The town benefits from excellent connectivity, with convenient access to both the A316 and M3, allowing for easy commuting and travel. Additionally, Teddington residents can enjoy the proximity to Richmond Park, one of London’s largest royal parks, which offers ample opportunities for outdoor leisure and recreation.

Looking ahead to the future, there are plans to enhance accessibility further by linking Teddington directly to Shepperton through an extended riverboat service route via Brentford. This development will make Teddington even more accessible and desirable as a place to live.

Families considering Teddington for their home will be pleased to find a range of excellent private and state schools within easy reach, including notable institutions like Tiffin, St Paul’s Girls’ School, Hampton, and Hurlingham, among others.

All these features, combined with its tranquil atmosphere and proximity to essential amenities, make Teddington an attractive and welcoming location for young families in London.

7.Crouch End

Crouch End is a prestigious and prosperous neighborhood in close proximity to London’s city center. This primarily residential suburb boasts excellent transport connections while preserving its original village-like charm.

The majority of properties in Crouch End consist of Victorian terraces and semi-detached houses, which have maintained their popularity over the years. These homes are cherished for their high ceilings, period features, and spacious gardens, adding to the area’s appeal and allure. With its upmarket status and well-preserved character, Crouch End offers a delightful and elegant living experience for its residents.

8.Willesden Green

Willesden Green, located in northwest London, is in close proximity to Harlesden, Kilburn, and Wembley. The neighborhood predominantly consists of charming semi-detached houses that date back to the Victorian era, adding to its historical charm.

Willesden Green offers several green spaces for residents to enjoy, including Finsbury Park and Kensal Green Cemetery. Additionally, the refurbished Willesden Sports Centre and Cricklewood Swimming Baths, renovated in 2019, provide excellent recreational facilities.

Young families find Willesden Green appealing due to its favorable transport links and a wide selection of primary and secondary schools. The area’s accessibility and proximity to various educational institutions make it an attractive choice for families seeking a well-connected and nurturing environment to call home.


Ruislip is an affluent suburban town situated in the northwest borough of Hillingdon in London. The town enjoys the advantage of good road connections to London, and its location near Ruislip Lido offers stunning views of the west London area.

With its excellent transport links, Ruislip provides convenient access to the city. The Central line runs through Ruislip station, and the area benefits from frequent services on both the London Underground and London Overground networks.

As a result of its prime location within London, property prices in Ruislip are significantly higher than the city’s average. The average house price in Ruislip stands at £1,631,768, which is more than double the London average of £625,000. The town’s desirable setting and appealing features make it an attractive but premium choice for those seeking an affluent and well-connected suburban living experience in London.