12 Best Places to Visit in the UK

12 Best Places to Visit in the UK

The best part about holidays is that it is a perfect excuse to travel. Wait!!! Are you also  planning a vacation to Europe? Do you also dream of exploring the ravishing lakes and  mountains, enchanting European culture, and digging into the delightful mouth-watering  cuisine? Whenever someone talks about the best places to visit in Europe, the United  Kingdom is the first country that comes to their mind.

While the United Kingdom is small, it is home to world-class attractions, serene  breathtaking landscapes, and old-fashioned pubs. The rich cultural heritage of the United  Kingdom, the diverse estates, and other beautiful places to visit in the UK have been  attracting tourists from all over the world for a long time. The most beautiful places to visit  include everything from diving into the rich history by visiting the highly preserved,  gorgeous castles and estates; to stopping by the unparalleled art galleries and museums.

But it also begs the question that from where shall you start, which all places to visit in  your limited 10 days vacation, and how should you best organize your trip to make the  most of your time and explore all the beautiful places of the United Kingdom.

Well, one of the best things about your visit in the UK would be thanks to the small  geographical area, the places can be easily visited through a ferry, train or a bus, while  you base yourself in any city such as London or Liverpool.

Now without much delay, let us find the 12 best places to visit in the UK in 2022.  Continue reading this blog to prepare a list of places to visit in the UK and how to reach  there in time.

London: A Glimpse of the United Kingdom

London: Best Place to Visit in the UK

Well, one cannot possibly plan a trip to the United Kingdom and not visit this mesmerizing capital city of the UK, which is the hub of beautiful hotels to stay in, resorts and pubs to slay, and not to mention, it also has a plethora of cultural heritage to modern sites. In simple words, the capital city of the United Kingdom has something for everyone and is the finest place to visit in the UK.

The Historical Walk in London

The Tower of London is the place to visit for the tourists who’d like to walk and experience the rich history of the United Kingdom. The former palace and prison, now turned into a famous tourist attraction, is filled with artifacts, armors, and all kinds of weaponry.

It also has a Jewel House which contains enthralling crown jewels. During your  visit in the UK, do pay a visit to the infamous Rives Thames in London. Luckily, the Tower of London is also located on the banks of the River Thames and is beside the glorious  Tower Bridge. This also means that it will save a lot of time and while you decide on one place to visit, you get to enjoy three iconic views.

The royalty of the United Kingdom

Another jewel in the crown for our heritage lovers would be the grand Buckingham Palace  – home to Britain’s Royal Family since the reign of Queen Victoria. But to visit this glorious site and make the most of it, one should book in advance as the palace’s staterooms are only open for a few weeks in a year.

Other Best Places to Visit

Other beautiful places to visit in London are the exquisite museums and art galleries.  While you are scribbling down the best places to visit in London, do not miss South  Kensington, the center of the city’s finest museums like the Natural History Museum,  Albert Museum, and Victoria. The famous Harrods department store is also here. To visit  the prominent art galleries pay a visit to Trafalgar Square, home to the National Portrait  Gallery and Nelson’s Column. While you are in the city of London, do not forget to visit the  Whitehall Road area. Here you’ll find some of the best places to visit in the UK — the  Westminster Abbey, the Parliament building, and the Big Ben, a gigantic clock at the  highest point of the Elizabeth Tower.

Tourist Activities in London

As mentioned earlier there is a place to visit and relish for everyone. For shopaholics and fashionistas, London is home to huge shopping malls and the city is known for its statement fashion styles; for foodies London is home to some of the best restaurants in the world, to relish and enjoy the delightful European cuisine; to quench the thirst of adventure, it has the fastest cycle track at Queen Elizabeth Part, Olympic course for white water rafting, and boat ride at River Thames.

Accommodation in London

Also, it would be best to take a hotel in London, provided the phenomenal and numerous options available, and the fact that it would be easy to travel to the rest of the United  Kingdom from London.

Romanian Bath

About the Roman Baths

Named after its healing and relaxing Romanian baths, Bath has been attracting tourists for over 2000 years and is one of the best places to visit in the UK. The water of three hot  springs contains 43 minerals and travels upwards from 3048 meters at a rate of 275,000  gallons in a day. The water gushes out at 46.5 degrees Celsius, making it impossible to  bathe directly in the original Roman baths, so you would have to visit a nearby spa to  enjoy the healing waters.

Best Places to Visit in the UK’s Serene City

Built for relaxation purposes, unlike other cities in the United Kingdom, this city has a  soothing aura that puts all of its visitors at ease. Other best places to visit in Bath are  Rondo Theater, Lansdowne Hill, and the Jane Austen Centre. The Rondo theatre hosts numerous independent productions, while the Jane Austen Centre aims to inform people  about Austen’s life in Bath along with other things.

The Georgian Architecture

The city is also famous for its Georgian architecture. The palatial townhomes of the spectacular, curved Royal Crescent serve as the best example of the enthralling Georgian architecture. One can also visit the No.1 Royal Crescent museum to take a peek into the  lifestyle of people during the Georgian times.

Other Best Time to Visit

One can also prefer to wander this small and beautiful place by flying in the hot air balloons. However, this is a place to visit during winters as the Christmas markets are a  sight in themselves. It is preferable to take a train from London, which should approximately take 1h20m to reach Bath.

Royal Windsor

The Wedding Castle of Meghan Markle

This historic town of the United Kingdom is home to the oldest and largest inhabited castle in the world — the magnificent Windsor Castle. Yes, that’s right, this is the place where Prince Harry married Meghan Markle.

History of Windsor Castle

One of the most beautiful places to visit in the UK, this castle was built in the 11th  century by William the Conqueror, and since then this grand castle has seen 39 monarchs  in its lifetime. Currently, the queen likes to spend her private weekends in this castle.  While you are here, do not forget to see the world’s most detailed dollhouse especially made for Queen Mary in the 1920s.

Beautiful Places to Visit in the Castle

The best places to visit in the UK’s this heritage site are St. George’s Chapel, Queen’s  Gallery, and the dining hall. The palace has majestically painted ceilings and wood carvings. Another enchanting thing about the palace is its 10 kilometers long grounds and gardens that are a true sight for any nature lover.

Place to Visit Around the Location

While you are looking for the best places to visit in or around Windsor, you can also add  Legoland Windsor and Royal Ascot to the list. Legoland Windsor is 150 acres of family resort perfect for a good family time. The Royal Ascot is United Kingdom’s most famous horse racing venue. It is advised to visit Royal Ascot in June, as the Royal Meeting takes place at that time of the year. A train from London will take only half an hour to reach  Windsor.

UK’s Academic Hub — Cambridge and Oxford

Universities to Visit in the UK

The United Kingdom is worldwide renowned for two things — its cultural and historical wealth and for two of the world’s best universities that are situated in the United  Kingdom. The United Kingdom is home to two of the world’s oldest and most renowned universities — the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge.

Oxford is the second oldest university in the world. This 922-year-old university is also the world’s oldest working university in the English-speaking world. The university is even 400 years older than the English language itself. The University of Cambridge, on the other hand, is the third-oldest surviving university in the world and the second oldest university in the  English-speaking world.

The Boat Race

The universities are two of the most beautiful places to visit in the UK and the two have been competing with each other to become the country’s best academic establishments.  This rivalry between the two is celebrated on the River Thames at The Boat Race – a  famous rowing event.

Best Places to visit at the Cambridge University

These universities are also famous tourist attractions and are among the best places to visit in the UK. If you are someone intrigued with historical buildings, you would surely love roaming around the beautifully preserved buildings of 31 colleges of Cambridge  University. The oldest building among these was founded in the year 1284. You could also visit the town center and the River Cam.

Beautiful Places to visit at the Oxford University

The University of Oxford, on the other hand, comprises 38 colleges, each of which is equally captivating. All these buildings are set around a quadrangle and inner courtyards.  Other facilities include libraries, dining halls, churches, and student accommodations.  One just cannot get enough of the mesmerizing architecture of Oxford University. You would be surprised to know that they even have castles and prisons on the premises.  Other best places to visit at the University are the Carfax Tower, the Botanic Gardens, and the High Street. If you are a Potterhead, well, you already know, that you can also pay a visit to the shooting site of the best movie ever.

The City for Pilgrims — Canterbury

UNESCO World Heritage Site to Visit in the UK

Home of the Archbishop of Canterbury, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is the foundation of English Christianity. If you are wondering what makes it the birthplace or the foundation of English Christianity, in AD 597 St. Augustine began converting pagan Anglo  Saxons to Christianity here in this very city of the United Kingdom. Since then it has been among the best places to visit in the UK as the famous pilgrimage city of England,  attracting visitors from all over the world for the last 1500 years.

Canterbury Cathedral

Home to the Archbishop of Canterbury, it is the main place to visit in the city. This  UNESCO site is a delight to see in itself; from its beautifully carved exterior to the mesmerizing interior, it is a site every heritage lover must visit. The choir with the statues of six English kings is the main highlight of the place. The 12th-century miracle windows is also a significant place to visit in the building that portrays scenes from murdered  Archbishop Thomas Becket’s life.

Other Best Places to Visit

Once you’ve had your fill of the UNESCO site, be sure to visit the other delightful places the city has to offer. Canterbury Tales and the magnificent Canterbury Roman Museum are other beautiful places to visit in the city. Another notable place to visit is the pedestrianized areas of the old Canterbury, particularly Mercery Lane. You would be surprised to see the well-preserved timber-framed buildings.

Best Way to Reach Canterbury

Do visit the city to understand why this ancient city has been drawing and continues to draw so many tourists from around the globe. It is advised to take a train from London,  which should approximately take an hour to reach Canterbury.

Liverpool — Birthplace of the Beatles

Musical City to Visit in the UK

The city is famous for its part in the rise of the English Music Legacy, pop culture,  architecture, museums, and football clubs. The city has plenty of exciting things to offer to all kinds of visitors.

Best Places to Visit for Fab Four Fans

Music lovers are often first attracted to the renovated Albert Docks area for The Beatles  Story. Other best places to visit for Fab Four lovers are Cavern Club and the former residence of Paul McCartney and John Lennon. A lot of bus tours and walking tours are also available for the visitors.

Other Exciting Places to Visit — Museums

Other beautiful places to visit in this city include the world-famous museums like the  Museum of Liverpool and the Merseyside Maritime Museum. The ancient architectural wonders in Liverpool even date back to the 1500s.

Art Galleries and Parks in Liverpool

Other attractions of the city are the beautiful art galleries such as Tate Gallery and Walker  Art Gallery. The warehouse of the Tate Gallery is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Liverpool. Sefton Park is also a very pleasing place to visit in Liverpool. The beautiful park is scenery in itself with waterfalls, botanical gardens, gardens, caves, and playgrounds. Liverpool is just a three-hour train journey from London.

The Lake District

Romantic City to Visit in the UK

The magnificent Lake District in the United Kingdom is a place of romance and outdoor activities; which makes it one of the most beautiful places to visit in the UK. It will always be associated with Beatrix Potter. It was Potter who paved the path of conservation of the area for the rest to follow. Her one-time estate near Sawrey, Hill Top is a major place to visit while one is exploring the beautiful Lake District.

Largest Lakes to Visit in the UK

The 1,448 square kilometers area is known for its glacial ribbon lakes, historical connection, and mountains. The district is home to 12 of the country’s largest lakes;  Windermere and Ullswater being the biggest among them.

The Kendal Castle

Another magnificent place to visit in the district is the Kendal Castle. Situated on the top of a lofty slope, it provides a magnificent view of the city and the moving slopes. The evergreen flora and fauna of the area have been attracting tourists forever.

Adventurous Spot to Visit in the UK

For all the adventure lovers here, ‘Scafell Pike’ is another place you must visit in the UK.  The highest mountain in England, Scafell Pike is situated at the height of 978 meters. The rail journey should approximately take an hour to reach Lake District from London.

York — The City of Festivals

Historic Place to Visit in the UK

This ancient cathedral city of England is home to the York Minster — the country’s largest  medieval church and is another place that one must visit in the UK. The church is literally  as ancient as Christianity in the United Kingdom, as it traces its roots back to the 3rd century. However, the Gothic structure that we see now was built 1000 years later. The  magnificent cathedral has 14th-century stained glass windows. The rich interior of the  cathedral is another highlight of the tour.

Other Best Places to Visit

The Crypt still has parts of the original 11th-century church and is another finest place to  visit in the city. The five kilometers City Walls is another heavenly place to visit. On your  way, you’ll find many remarkable tearooms, restaurants, art galleries, and boutique shops.  The area is also famous for its 14th-century roadway — The Shambles where you’ll find  the ancient timber-framed buildings.

Museum for Royal Trains

The National Railway Museum is another tourist attraction in the city. The museum is  home to Royal Trains and ancient steam engines, some of which date back to the 1820s.

Festivals in the City

It is known as the City of Festivals for a reason and the city comes to life at night. While  you are in the city, you may be lucky to experience the carnivals and festivals at night.  York should be approximately a 2hr30min rail journey from London.


Second Largest City to Visit in the UK

The metropolitan city is the second-largest city in the United Kingdom. It is also the most  populous city to visit in the UK after London, with a population of approximately 2.2  million. Present in the West Midlands, England, the magnificent city is a major economic  driver and a hub for higher education. The city also embraces its culture and history with  the various cultural attractions present in the city like the National Sea Life Centre and the  Birmingham Repertory Theatre — the largest in Europe.

Climate Conditions of Birmingham

While the weather here is warm and temperate, thanks to the ocean and the latitude, the  city experiences all four seasons; making it a very suitable city to live in the UK. The  summers here are warmer than in the rest of the United Kingdom and the winters and  comparatively mild. The train should take approximately two hours to reach Birmingham  from London.

Palace of Westminster

History of Palace of Westminster

One of the best places to visit in the UK; since the Anglo-Saxon era, this historical site  has been of great importance to the British Monarchy. It was built in 1016 by Edward the  Confessor and then it was expanded by William I. Until the Great Fire in 1834, that palace  acted as the residence for the royal family.

Current Usage

Presently the palace serves as the House of Parliament for the United Kingdom as it is  the meeting point between the House of Lords and the House of Commons. The palace  is built in approximately 8 acres with 1200 rooms, 5 kilometers long passages, 100  staircases, and state apartments.

Place to visit in the Castle

Among the 4 acres of gardens in the Palace, The Victoria Tower garden is open to the  public. The palace can be visited during July and August, and on Saturdays in the  remaining months.


World Heritage Site to Visit in the UK

You cannot possibly plan a trip to the United Kingdom and not count it as the main place  to visit in the UK. One of the most seasoned World Heritage Sites, Stonehenge has been  serving as a place of pilgrimage for over 4,500 years. Flourishing in more than 20 square  kilometers of area; the place now serves as one of the main tourist spots to visit in the  UK, with tourists fascinated by the monument and the craftsmanship that went into  creating it. Stonehenge is the world’s most structurally complex old stone circle. It is also  advisable to purchase the tickets beforehand to enjoy an uninterrupted vacation in the  UK.

Nearby Locations to Visit in the UK

16 kilometers south of Stonehenge, the medieval city of Salisbury is another magnificent  place to visit in the UK. You are sure to be awed by the ancient cathedral that dates back  to 1220 and houses an original Magna Carta. You can also pay a visit to the old city  center if you are interested in the historic medieval architecture.


Football City to Visit in the UK

The place is the heart of the United Kingdom’s football lovers and is the first and foremost  place to visit in the UK for all football fans. It is home to the two famous football clubs —  Manchester City and Manchester United. Both of these clubs are well-represented in the  National Football Museum with other popular football clubs.

Main Place to Visit in the City

For all football lovers, the National Football Museum is the biggest attraction and a  nonpareil place to visit in the UK. Relive the history of this popular game and have the  chance to see the world’s finest collection of different football objects, here in the United  Kingdom. The museum displays the outfits, trophies, and memorabilia. They also play  short movies explaining the history of the game.

Stadiums to Visit in the Manchester

Manchester club’s stadiums are another spectacular place to visit in the UK. The Old  Trafford grounds by Manchester United is considered one of the best options, and Etihad  Stadium of Manchester City is another good option. Both of these stadiums offer tours and behind-the-scenes access.

Other Best Places to Visit

Another beautiful place to visit in Manchester is Castlefield, where you will find canals,  Victorian houses, Roman ruins, and old warehouses that now serve as restaurants,  shops, and hotels. If you still have time to visit a few more places in the city, visit the cathedral and the Town Hall. Designed by Alfred Waterhouse, it is among the best Neo Gothic designs that you’ll find in the United Kingdom.