10 Best Rental Websites For London

10 Best Rental Websites For London

1. Rentlondonflat.com
2. RightMove
3. Zoopla
4. SpareRoom
5. OpenRent
6. Gumtree
7. Airbnb
8. RoomGo
9. PrimeLocation
10. MyRooms

What is the best renting website for London?

It all depends on the you’re looking for in a London rentals you’re searching for. It’s good to know that the list below offers a wide range of options. If you’re searching for the lowest rates for rent in the capital city, or are looking to explore the market for luxury rentals There’s a website for you.

It’s important to remember that the best rental website for you in London will depend on the type of rental property you’re looking for. Luckily, the list of websites provided above offers a wide range of options. Whether you’re searching for the most affordable rents in the city or want to explore the luxury rental market, there’s a site that can cater to your needs.

Before you start your search, it’s important to have a clear idea of what you’re looking for in your rental home. While you don’t have to know every detail of the perfect place, having a few key factors in mind will make the search easier. Consider factors such as which London district or area you want to live in, what type and style of property you prefer, and most importantly, your realistic budget.

So, when searching for a rental property in London, be sure to check out the best rental websites for your needs, and have a clear idea of what you’re looking for before you start your search.

Before you begin your search, ensure you have a clear picture of what you’d like your property will look like. Although you don’t need to have “the perfect spot to be found prior to starting your search, identifying the most important aspects prior to starting your search will help you narrow down your search.

For instance, do have to live in a particular London district or location? Are you not bound to a specific location and free to search around? What kind of property and design do you prefer? What is your budget for the property?

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How We Chose the Best websites for London Apartments

We know that it’s not just an apartment, but a home you are looking for. So, to assist you and find you the right kind of people and websites who will ultimately help you in finding your perfect home, we came up with a list of the best websites for rental London apartments. The following factors were kept in mind while jotting down the list of best websites:

  • Customer Review: The previous customers are the perfect people to tell about the quality of work that any service provider provides. So, while selecting these websites we went through the customer feedback and reviews on numerous websites to come up with the perfect list.
  • Service time: We value your time and hence chose to provide you with only those service providers who did that too. Renting can anyway be a tedious process sometimes, but with the wrong people, it can take even more time. So in order to avoid all that fuss, we have come up with the fastest serving renting websites.
  • Host: Again, the host has a very important role in helping you select the perfect home. The selected websites are known for providing a professional yet friendly host that will assist you throughout the renting process.
  • Trustability: Renting an apartment is not a small step. So, it is important to have some trustworthy set of people assisting you in the process. Here in this list, we have only selected reliable, renowned websites with good customer feedback.

Best Rental Websites For London ( Reviewed )

1 – Rentlondonflat.com

Rent London Flat is number one on the list of the best websites in London to find high quality flats to live in London. It has many different options to choose from and the websites is very user-friendly. You can filter your search by price, no. of bedrooms, and location. They offer best rental deals on their platform and have a wide variety of rental properties available.

How you can book a viewing with RentLondonFlat.com?

Rentlondonflat.com offers 360 tours and videos of their flats so you can explore them from the comfort of your own home.

You can also book a viewing online through their website to see the property in person. Throughout the viewing process, you will be assisted by their friendly host. If you’re abroad or prefer to socially distance you can request a Virtual Tour

How does RentLondonFlat.com work?

It’s easy to find your perfect rental flat with Rentlondonflat.com. Simply enter your criteria into the search bar on their site and a selection of properties will be displayed that match your needs. You can then sort the results by price, no. of bedrooms, or location.

Once you’ve found a few flats that you like, you can click on the listing to get more related information about the property. You can also view photos and videos of the flat, so you can get a good idea of what it looks like.

If you want to book a viewing, you can do so directly through the listing. You will be able to choose a date and time that suits you, and the host will meet you at the property to show you around.

Benefits of renting with RentLondonFlat.com

Rent London Flat is revolutionising the way we rent property, by using the latest technology to streamline the rental cycle and bring the convenience of online booking to the rental market.

Their website makes it easy for tenants to find and arrange viewings for available houses in London that fit their requirements. The platform also offers a convenient way to pay rent and manage paperwork online.

For landlords and agents, Rent London Flat offers a hassle free way to rent out and manage their properties.

2 –Rightmove

The most popular and the one of best rental websites in the United Kingdom is Rightmove. It has more than 4 million available properties listed on its website. Rightmove is the best website to use when searching for rental and property for sale not only in London but also in other parts of the UK.

How you can book a viewing with Rightmove?

Renters may request a viewing of the room or property in London by calling the estate agent or company marketing the property, or sending an inquiry directly through the site if you’re beginning your house search on Rightmove.

How do Rightmove works?

Estate agents who specialize in selling or letting property and houses generally pay Rightmove to have their properties advertised. If you’re looking for rental property, there will be a online letting agents or letting agents in London listed on the Rightmove site.

To start searching for your next home or rental property on Rightmove, go to their website and enter what type of property you’re looking for, as well as your budget and desired location. You can also filter your search by things like the no. of bedrooms or bathrooms, property type, and whether you’re looking for a furnished or unfurnished home.

3 – Zoopla

Zoopla is a real estate website in the United Kingdom and one of the best rental websites that combines property listings with rental market data, local information, and community tools.

How you can book a viewing with Zoopla?

To view a property, users need to find the right listing on Zoopla and then contact the agent directly.

How does Zoopla work?

Zoopla gets its property listings from estate agent and developers who list their homes on the website. You can use the platform to search for houses, flats, and other types of property for sale or let in London or other parts of the UK.

One of the benefits of using Zoopla is that you can get an estimate of how much a property is worth. This is useful if you’re thinking about buying a house in London or if you want to get an idea of how much your property is worth.

4 –SpareRoom

SpareRoom is the UK’s largest flat and house share website in London. They have listings for London properties and the UK. Users can narrow down your search by location, costs and the no. of rooms you need.

How you can book a viewing with SpareRoom?

Once you’ve found a property listing that you’re interested in, you can contact the advertiser to arrange a viewing.

How SpareRoom work?

You may advertise your property on SpareRoom and have potential flatmates locate you there. Tell them that you’re looking for a room and want to rent or that you’ve got a room to rent.

The platform also offers a Roommate Finder service. They will match you with potential roommates based on your lifestyle, interests, and budget.

5 – OpenRent

OpenRent has quickly become the UK’s most popular letting agency, having been founded only in 2012. It touts itself as a transparent alternative to renting; this is something that any London residents will undoubtedly appreciate.

This site is one of the best rental websites if you want to rent a property in London and also allows you to go around pushy reps and hidden fees by allowing you to search directly on your own rather than having to go through an agency.

How you can book a viewing with OpenRent?

You can contact the landlord directly by using the “Message Landlord or Request Viewing” button on the property listing page. 

6 –Gumtree

Gumtree is a classified ad websites where you can buy and sell items. It also one of the best rental websites to find housing, and find jobs in London. They have listings for houses not only in London but all over the world.

How you can book a viewing with Gumtree?

To arrange viewings, you’ll need to find the listing on Gumtree and then contact the landlords or the estate agent phone or email address listed in the advert.

How does Gumtree work?

Gumtree is designed to help landlords reach a large audience of potential tenants for their rental properties. Landlords can list their properties on the market for free.

Gumtree also offers a service with minimal fees called Featured Property. This ensures that your property listing will be seen by more people.

7 – Airbnb

Airbnb is one of the best rental websites not only in London but all over the world. They connects persons seeking to rent out their houses with tenants searching for places to stay in a specific area.

Founded in 2008, Airbnb is a popular option for travelers who are looking for an alternative to traditional hotels. Since its inception, the company has expanded to offer services in more than 190 countries and 34,000 cities around the world.

How does Airbnb work?

Airbnb’s goal is straightforward: to enable local people to supplement their income by renting out their unused property or space to people visiting the area. You can register on for free. Hosts may use this site to advertise their rooms and receive bookings from guests.

Airbnb is a convenient option for users who are looking for unique accommodations in their price range.

8 – RoomGo

RoomGo is one of the best websites for finding a room to rent because it connects you directly with landlords and other tenants. The site also offers a wide range of listings, making it easy to find a place that fits your budget and needs.

How you can book a viewing with RoomGo?

You may reach out to advertisers for viewing through 3 methods: send a quick interest, send a message, and make a direct call.

How RoomGo work?

RoomGo is a brand new service that makes it simple for tenants to locate a new place to live in London. Users simply need to input their preferred area of interest and begin scrolling through thousands of possibilities.

9 – Prime Location

PrimeLocation is a UK-based company that lists properties worldwide and one of the best rental websites to find London properties. It was founded over 15 years ago by 200 leading estate agents from around the country and now operates with offices in London, Birmingham & Manchester as well as abroad such as Los Angeles California or Miami Florida.

How you can book a viewing with PRIME LOCATION?

Tenants can use the search bar to locate rental properties by city or postcode. You may also choose to refine your search by specifying the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and more.

Once you’ve found a listing that meets your needs, you can contact the estate agent directly to arrange a viewing.

10 – MyRooms

Finally, Myrooms is a useful and best rental websites for if you are looking for a room in London. This firm is the most popular provider of flat and house shares in the city, and it has rooms for rent all over central London, including London Bridge, Liverpool Street, Saint John’s Wood, and Camden.

They provide a variety of services, including telephone and online assistance for tenants, specialist account managers, adaptable rental agreements, and cleaning and maintenance for renters.

You don’t need to have ‘the perfect location’ mapped out, but having some major factors figured out ahead of time will make the search a lot easier. For example, do you require access to public transport? Or are you willing to find further afield if you’re not restricted by geography? What kind and style of property would you choose?

These are just a few of the best sites for finding apartments and rooms to rent in London specially for first time renters. Be sure to check out all of these websites to find the best property for you and before making your final decision on where to rent.

Happy hunting!

How to Find a Property to Rent in London

Finding a new home in a foreign country, particularly in London, can be an arduous task, made worse by exorbitant rent prices. However, with the right information, you can avoid the common pitfalls of the London rental market.

We have put together a comprehensive guide that caters to all your needs, whether you’re searching for a room or a luxurious property. Regardless of your preference, our guide will provide you with the necessary knowledge to secure your ideal home in London.

So whether you’re after a Kensington townhouse or a City apartment, shared with five others, our guide will ensure you live the fabulous London life. Stick with us, and we’ll help you navigate the rental market with ease.

How to find the right house to rent in London

To successfully find a suitable rental property in London, there are seven key steps to follow:

  1. Determine your budget, taking into account all potential costs associated with renting a property.
  2. Establish the number of bedrooms and bathrooms required to accommodate your needs.
  3. Select a preferred area or neighborhood to reside in, based on your preferences and needs.
  4. Conduct thorough research of property listing websites to gain insight into rental prices and energy bill estimates.
  5. Contact reputable estate agents to schedule property viewings.
  6. Select a property that fits your requirements and preferences.
  7. Finalize the rental agreement with the landlord, which includes agreeing on rent, deposit, contract length, and move-in date.

By following these steps, you’ll be well-equipped to find and secure a rental property that meets your needs and budget in London.

Top 7 tips for renting in London

If you’re planning to rent a property in London, consider the following tips to ensure a smooth and successful process:

  1. Be realistic with your budget and factor in all expected monthly expenses to avoid being caught out.
  2. Research your preferred areas to evaluate factors such as transport links, schools, and amenities before visiting the location.
  3. Use reputable estate agents and rental websites to avoid dealing with individuals who may not have your best interests at heart.
  4. Keep track of potential properties by making a spreadsheet to ensure you’re on top of the process.
  5. Plan for the process to take at least a few weeks, giving yourself enough time to secure the right rental property.
  6. Establish a peaceful living arrangement with future housemates by agreeing on practical issues such as room allocations, communal areas, and rent distribution before moving in.
  7. Decide on whether to sign a fixed-term contract or rolling contract based on your circumstances.

By following these tips, you’ll be well-equipped to navigate the London rental market and find a suitable property. Lastly, you can visit reputable rental websites to find the best property that suits your preferences and budget.