Most Dangerous Neighborhoods In Oakland

Based on data from local law enforcement agencies, the following neighborhoods in Oakland have been identified as the most dangerous for 2023. These rankings were determined by comparing the number of violent crimes per 100,000 residents in each neighborhood to the overall violent crime average for Oakland. Violent crimes include murder, rape, robbery, and assault. In cases where data from law enforcement agencies was not available, estimates were made using demographic data.

1. North Kennedy Tract

North Kennedy Tract may not be known for its attractive features. Despite a median home value of $263,100, the median income in the area is a meager $28,664, making it difficult for residents to afford basic necessities, let alone owning a home. Furthermore, the unemployment rate is a disheartening 10.4%, and the high crime rate adds to the area’s unfavorable reputation. Overall, North Kennedy Tract is not a desirable location and is best avoided, if possible.

2. Eastmount

Oakland is unfortunately known for its high crime rates, and it ranks second only to Emeryville as one of the most dangerous places to live in California, according to However, not all neighborhoods in Oakland are dangerous. Eastmount, on the other hand, is ranked as the most perilous area to live in Oakland by

It has a violent crime rate that is 692% higher than the national average, and a property crime rate that is 391% higher than average. While information about the area’s employment rate, affordability, and amenities may be of some interest, they are overshadowed by the alarming statistics of crime. With a 1 in 8 chance of becoming a victim of crime, the safety of the neighborhood is the primary concern for residents.

3. Richmond

While technically more of a suburb than a neighborhood in Oakland, Richmond still warrants attention due to its unfavorable living conditions. With the third lowest median income in the Oakland area, residents have few options for entertainment or spending their money. The high crime rate can make residents feel unsafe, and the stagnant property market offers little hope for improvement. The unemployment rate and poverty level in Richmond are also high. Overall, living in Richmond may not be suitable for those seeking a safe and prosperous community.

4. Acorn-Acorn Industrial

Acorn-Acorn Industrial is an area in Oakland that should be avoided if safety is a priority. The overall crime rate is 497% higher than the national average, and the rate of violent crime is an alarming 690% higher than average. Furthermore, the crime rate in this area is increasing at a rate of 15% per year, in contrast to the general trend of decreasing crime rates in other parts of the city. With a 1 in 7 chance of becoming a victim of crime, it may not be worth the risk to make Acorn-Acorn Industrial your home.

5. Coliseum

Coliseum Industrial’s infamous sister, Coliseum, is not a desirable neighborhood. With a median home price of only $210,667, it’s clear that the area lacks appeal. Additionally, the median income of just over $23,000 highlights the financial struggles faced by residents. The area is known for its high crime rates and is not a place where most people would feel comfortable calling home.

6. Coliseum Industrial

According to, Coliseum Industrial is one of Oakland’s least desirable places to live. The area’s high crime rate, which is 55% higher than the Oakland average, is coupled with concerning levels of unemployment and poverty. Additionally, the median income of $60,700 is relatively low compared to other neighborhoods in Oakland. Although real estate prices in Coliseum Industrial are 66% lower than the Oakland average, it’s worth considering what this says about the neighborhood’s appeal. Overall, Coliseum Industrial may not be the best place to call home.

7. Webster

Despite its small population of only around 3,000 people, Webster is not a desirable neighborhood. The high property crime rate is concerning, and the violent crime rate is even worse. Additionally, the unemployment and poverty rates in Webster are unfavorable. If possible, it’s best to avoid this neighborhood.

8. Fitchburg

Fitchburg is a neighborhood where residents earn just over a third of the national median income, with an average wage of $27,462. Despite being affordable, with the average price of a single-family home at $181,950, Fitchburg is not an affluent area. Furthermore, the unemployment rate is higher than the Oakland average, and the neighborhood’s crime rate is concerning. As a result, Fitchburg may not be an ideal choice for those seeking a secure and prosperous community.

9. Hoover-Foster

Hoover-Foster is considered one of the most undesirable neighborhoods in Oakland due to its high crime rates. In recent years, the levels of violent and property crimes in the area have been steadily increasing. This has resulted in a concerning statistic that residents have a 1 in 9 chance of being a victim of property crime and a 1 in 36 chance of experiencing violent crimes such as rape, robbery, aggravated assault, murder, or gang violence. These alarming statistics may make it a neighborhood that many would want to avoid.

10. Woodland

When compared to other neighborhoods on our list, Woodland has a relatively lower crime rate. While the rate of property and violent crimes is still 6% higher than the Oakland average, it’s less concerning than some of the city’s more notorious danger spots, as we’ll soon see.

Woodland may not be the best place to call home due to its high unemployment rate, low median income of $30,444, and limited entertainment options. While there are worse places to live in Oakland, there are also many better options available. Overall, Woodland may not be the ideal choice for those seeking a prosperous and thriving community.