How many of you have been the beach lovers once or before? Or, how many love to get the natural tan on the beaches under the sun?

So here bringing up with something interesting you might have heard many times if you live in California, especially in south side, regarding the nude beaches in California.

Yes! As it was told that there’s something very engrossing and fascinating about such beaches, beach lovers would love to know about the nude beaches in California.

Nude beaches, California, do not only provide with absorbing natural sun rays but also give a sense of developing uneasiness or getting awkward or afraid about being getting nude.

Almost more than half of the population finds it critical and fault-finding but there is no real need for a nudist to feel awkward about getting nude and to work upon people’s Judgements.


It is true that nudity is all over banned around California but under California Code of Regulations Title-14 section 4322, but there are various beaches across the country where the nudity is officially accepted.

There’s nothing wrong or offensive in exposing yourself in front of the nature and enjoy being yourself because in nude beaches, there are families and kids, elder couples, younger couples who come to enjoy beaches rather than voyeurs.

There is all safe getting nude on the beaches. Nudity at nude beaches in California does not mean that it is compulsory to get nude, rather these beaches are clothing optional. Some of them on the south side are Red Rock beach, San Onofre, Panther beach, Mesa beach etc.

Here I am going to tell about some of the best nude beaches in California which will help you to wander only on the nudist beaches in California.


To help yourself wandering nude only on the nudist beaches you need to explore the California Public Nudity Law and common nude Beach Etiquette. So here mentioning the best nude beaches in California;



Mesa beach is located near Santa Barbara between Arroyo Burro and Goleta Beach and can also be accessed from the Mockingbird Lane.

On waling just a few miles, you are going to find an open cliff which drives you to the steep path to the beach so you need to be careful while walking towards the beach. The beach is a local attraction for the college students as there is a college nearby and therefore the beach is full of young chicks.

The Mesa Beach is a clothing-optional beach, that is, on one of its direction there are regular beachgoers whereas the other side is for the nudist.

Being located near Santa Barbara, it is an attraction for a large number of population. The beach has beautiful scenic views with white sand and is perfect for getting the natural tan.


Enter from Patterson Avenue at Santa Barbara if you wish to get some more spacious area to park because sometimes due to crowd, there is scarcity of such lots.



Red rock beach is located in San Francisco, is a clothing-optional beach just south of Stinson beach, California 94970, USA. This is sometimes called Mickeys Beach and one of the popular nude beaches in California at San Francisco.

This beach, San Francisco is a great beach for hanging out with your family and friends and as you have to pass a steep trail to reach here, Red Rock beach is one of the secluded nude beaches in California.

You can enjoy the sight-seeing using the binoculars and explore the perfect areas around. Stinson Beach is also well-known for its incredible sceneries and if you need to explore more, visit both of the beach, San Francisco.

Red Rock Beach is considered as one of the best clothing-optional beaches across the country. It is well liked for sunbathing and rock-climbing being steep.


  • You can also enjoy swimming at Red Rock beach, but sometimes in winters due to high tides, it becomes unsuitable for swimming.



San Onofre beach is mounted on the San Diego county, California, few miles south of San Clemente. This beach is known to attract its viewers for the beautiful weather, majorly, in the spring, located in the San Diego’s North Coastal region, the beach is marked as the best nude beaches of the country.

This is also one of the clothing-optional nude beaches in California, perfect for relaxation and unwinding yourself.


The best time to visit San Onofre is the summers where you are going to get many tourists as well as the residents chilling and enjoying picnics with their family and friends at the beach San Diego.

  • The stunning beach views and playful activities along the shoreline attract various people. The tides are high sometimes and you are not going to get any life guards, so it is better to stay away from the tides.


parking: free

In its golden state, Located in Santa Cruz, CA 95060, USA, Hole in the wall is the best nude beach with adequate privacy, so the couples can go nude whenever they want and enjoy themselves.

The name ‘HOLE IN THE WALL’ derives from the fact that there is only one access to this beach and that is via a hole that separates Panther beach and ‘Hole in the wall’ and that is why it is called Hole in the wall.

On the south edge of Panther Beach, lies a great town which is known for clothing-optional beach and this beach, Santa Cruz provides perfect tranquility and peacefulness to its visitors.

The shoreline camping, sunbathing, fishery and bicycling are some of the key interests of this nude beach California.


  • You need to get really away from the sea at instances because the high tides are sometimes are so dangerous that they can make a person drown in the sea so you need to be very careful regarding this.
  • Moreover, you need to check the temperature of the water before entering the sea as the temperature of the water is very high.


PARKING: available

Pirate’s cove beach is a small beach which is located on the west land of the Corona Del Mar state beach, California 92625. Pirate’s cove nudist beach is away from the busy city chaos for fun, gentle walk around the ocean and provides perfect calmness and peacefulness to the nudists.

This nudist beach has an awesome cave which is a major attraction which is a short hike of around 10 minutes from the parking area that provides scenic view.

The cave is in Avila beach is one of the best parts in the cave landing road and it is also clothing-optional. Pirate’ Cove is the paradise for the nudists as it dispenses a gorgeous panorama of rock crave sand and clean water.

This state beach, Pirate’s cove runs between San Jose and Los Angeles and is also known as Cave Landing or Mallagh Landing.


  • Crystal water, rocky caves and sandy beach areas are a great spot for hiking at Pirate’s Cove and for the best view of the ocean you need to wear clothes and walk to the cave via the cave landing road to enjoy the glimpses of heaven.
  • The nudists need to carry their own meals and drinks to enjoy the better food at both the Avila Beach and Pirate’s Cove. Be aware of the frequency of high and low tide waters.



Established in the city of La Jolla, beneath the promontory of Torrey Pines, is also a clothing-optional one on the Pacific Ocean. Black’s Beach is a secluded portion and it is mostly known as the Nude Beach of La Jolla and it is undoubtedly one of the biggest nude beaches in California.

In the mid 1970s, Black’s beach was given the privilege by the California government to call it as the first public nude beach of the country on the southern coast.

Some of the part of the Black’s Beach was given the authority initially as the place of relaxation for the nudists in 1977 when it was under the state park and it was clothing-optional then. But later the city portion of the beach was called as ‘swimsuit-optional’ and in that particular part nudity was no more allowed.

The former part of the beach trails head to the Torrey Pines Gliderport on its south and Flatrock point to its north.


  • You can enjoy sunbathing, cycling on the shorelines and camping at this place and there are no restrooms or restaurants near the beach so the visitors need to carry their own food and drinks as the beach is located far away from the city chaos. Also be aware of the rocky roads.


PARKING: available

To the north side of California is also one of the gorgeous nude beaches in California which is very popular among the citizens and that is the Land’s End Beach which is in San Francisco, CA 94121, USA.

To reach this beach park you need to walk along the rocky path from the El Camino del Mar and beach Santa, you will get ample spaces to park at this area.

The sounds of the cool waters, low tide waters and ravishing beauty of this beach makes it a popular nude beach in California.

Land’s End Beach is a perfect hotspot for the couples who are looking for a romantic place to spend some quality time and get a break from their busy schedules.

It is at the mouth of the Golden Gate and a short hiking trail can land you to Mile Rock beach that offers different scenes of the gate from Los Angeles.


  • The two large lots provide free ample space for the vehicles and dogs are also welcomed at this area, but you need to take care of your pets on your own and protect them from high tides.
  • This nude beach in California has an adjoining Baker beach at the walking distance on its south and therefore you need to wear proper soled shoes and clothes to reach there.
  • Rather than a sandy beach, it is a rocky beach and therefore this place is not meant for swimming, you can go naked and walk on the fantastic sea lines and have fun with your family and friends.


Located in CA 92024, USA, Boneyard beach is the most peaceful and a private undisturbed beach in southern coast of California in the vicinity of Baker beach.

This beach is usually not accessible in high tides due to a steep trail but still in the good tides season, you can go off-clothes and have fun lying on the sea line on the warm sandy areas to get a perfect tan and have fun.

It is one of the actually beautiful nude beaches in California. Nudists can visit and enjoy the incredible scenery of the ocean at the bay ends and it is miles away from San Gregorio.


  • Sunbathing is a usual fun on this clean sandy areas and therefore you need to be aware of the warm sand and its effects so visit this beach in spring rather than in summers.



Crater Beach, San Gregorio is called the sand city as this beach has large sand dunes with depressions in between. To experience the beach intimately, go and get yourself all around waters in the Crater beach.

Nudists often go off clothes in this private beach and visit here just to lie on the awesome warm sand around the sea.

You can get an easy access to this beach from the southern California and go naked with your partners and walk hand in hand.


  • On the bay of Crater Beach, you will find cool breezes from the sea and when tide waters fall upon you just can’t resist enjoying that but you need to take special care if you are visiting along with your kids.

So these were some of the best nude beaches in California about which we have talked so far! Just come upon these California’s private coolest beaches, get naked and get yourself lost in the tide of relaxation, peacefulness and happiness.


Here I am going to state quick reviews about the things you need to and need not do at nude beaches in California;

First and Foremost responsibility of every person visiting these state beaches must carry a guide map along with themselves to get to know exact about the nude beaches and nudity prohibited beaches.

If you enter the prohibited beach nude, strict action would necessarily be taken by the State Beach Laws of each county of California and the person can get into trouble. He may also be put behind the bars and can be charged penalty for the violation of the rules.

Secondly, the nude beaches are not meant for voyeurs and no kind of offensive action is allowed. You must not stare at someone continuously and pass rubbish or sexual comments and a nudist must remember that clicking other person’s naked photographs is also an offense.

Always check the weather conditions before visiting any of these beaches because due to heavy rainfall there can sometimes be high tide waves at some of these beaches and a person can land into trouble if he goes near the shoreline or for swimming in the sea.

You must take special care of your pets or small kids and older people at such places and need to protect them from tidal waves. In this golden state, some of the beaches have good provision of food and drinks and perfect camping destinations but still of them that are located at private spots, you may need to carry your own stuff along with water etc.

Then you need to bring a lot of sunscreens to protect yourself from sunburn and need to apply 2 to 3 times when visiting naked.

While you walk on the ocean shore, you need to be aware of the sandy dunes and the temperature of water coming towards the shore.

Nudists must be aware of themselves and must protect themselves by watching if someone is doing their nude photo shoots.

Regarding how and where to park your vehicle you need to get access to particular beach’s park vehicle policy.

There are some beaches that if you want reach your destination you will have to cross steep and rocky mountains or hiking a trail so you need to wear clothes and good quality soled shoes to prevent any sort of injuries.

In the end, every person must needs to remember that going top-less at public beaches, especially for the girls is really not an offense if the laws are suitable for all. Every person must respect each other’s choices and take such things casually.